Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mad For Plaid and Some Other Goodies...

So I've been pretty busy lately trying to finish up items for my shop. Thought I'd share a few things that will be available soon...
For boys I'm loving these little "ankle biter" pants! Bennett can't walk but when he does start walking they will be great because he won't constantly trip on them and I love the baggy look. They are great for spring and summer because they are very light weight. Matching alligator applique completes the look. I will be offering these in many other fabrics as well as different appliques to choose from.

He's pretty comfy I'd say.

Perfect for lounging around, but lounging in style!


This is the "Elise" dress. Love this one because it can be worn now with a turtle neck and jeans and then of course in the spring and summer.

This dress also comes in different fabric combinations that will be available on my site.

Now if you have a little girl and she has some kind of doll, this will also be available as a set-dress with matching doll dress! Dress for the doll fits any 16"-18" doll. This outfit seen here is going to be birthday gift for a certain friend of Ainsley's-shhh, don't tell;) I needed someone to try it on for the picture!


I just finished up a seer sucker birthday outfit (happens to be Bennett's but it can be yours too:)) as well as some really cute truck and dot pants for boys.

For girls I'm working on some different shirt combinations to go with the skirts and capris I offer.

Other than that I'm trying to find a good place to display my clothes {and the kids} for pictures. That will be a goal this week along with actually getting the shop up. Thank goodness the girls like trying clothes on and you know Bennett, he just goes with the flow! Until next time...


  1. Sooo so cute! You are going to be busy with orders! Can't wait to see your shop set up!

  2. Yay! So exciting! You are going to do "sew" well! Okay, that was a bit dorky. Can't wait to see everything! :)


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