Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ruffles and Seer Sucker, Is There Anything Better?

This is the Halter Ruffle set, can't wait for summer!! Comes in different fabric selections, ties at neck with elastic back. Top would look cute with jeans or shorts and capris can be worn with appliqued shirt.

These are the "Classic" capri pants I will be offering. This fabric is adorable with little birdies and coordinating black polka dots. Perfect for school, play time, parties, super comfy and super sassy:) These pants come in a ton of different fabric combinations to choose from. Matching birdie applique shirt completes the look or letter applique is also available.

These are the "Mighty Ruffle" Capris I will be offering as well! The ruffle is about 1.5" longer than the classic capri to add just a little more flare. They come in the same fabric combinations (a ton) as the classic capri, along with matching letter applique. For summer I plan to add tank tops with matching bow ties on each shoulder as well as tanks with ruffled sleeves for summer.

These are definitely sweet and sassy!


And for a sweet birthday boy....

Seer sucker ankle biters with matching number applique {onesies are available as well}! Also available in Blue striped seer sucker. Now, these are not capris, they hit right above the heel to avoid tripping for those fast moving little boys. Adorable birthday hat to match, coming soon! Can't wait for my sweet Bennett to wear this!

More to come, more to come! I've got something really cute in store for the mommies, more tops, more dresses...

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