Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eliza Peasant Set Is Available!!

I think this may be one of my favorites...

These pants are the same as the Mighty Ruffle Capris I offer and they are paired with the Eliza peasant top.
So cute but also comfortable!
Okay, that pot could seriously use some flowers next to all that color! Maybe in another month!

Here are the fabrics this set is available in...
The tan pants are made from a slightly thicker material, similar to a linen, without the wrinkle! Fabrics coordinate well to make a cute sister set!!

If you missed my last post- I am now offering a pretty little reversible dress!

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  1. Adrienne, again so cute! You are inspiring me to get away from my "matchy, matchy" sewing and mix and match!

    I know you are protecting your photos on your blogs, but wanted to let you know that your etsy shop is still unprotected. I don't know if you can keep them from being clicked because of the way zoom is set up, but you might want to watermark them at least to protect them as your own.

    So hard to be a protective mom these days:) Love the outfits, keep em coming!


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