Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Busy May!

Well it's been a month since I've posted but that's because May was extremely busy with life in general! We had two birthdays to prepare for and celebrate, a preschool graduation, a dance recital and in between were Lil' Sis Design orders! Here's some of the things I've done in the last month or so:
First off are these two cuties (I made these outfits a while back but it was too cold to wear them and their mom just recently shared this picture): twins in embroidered crab seersucker! Unfortunately this fabric is no longer available:( But I will do my best to order more next year- sold a lot of these sets!
Headbands! These are fun for everyday wear when you don't want to mess with your hair (or most likely you just don't have time if you have kids) or for working out in!
We're going to Disney World in just 10 days! I made these cute outfits for the kids and will be making some "Minnie Mouse" dresses for the girls. I don't offer these on my etsy site but if you have a trip planned for Disney and would like some outfits email me!

Women's tunic! Again, not available on my etsy site but you can email me for size measurements.
Cute little sister set for a customer. Ruffled Madras shorts with coordinating applique.

Little sister flamingo outfit- up to size 4.
Personalized burp cloths with designer fabrics! Perfect gift for second time moms!

College dresses with matching brother tie applique shirts coming mid-late summer just in time for football season!!

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